Course: ITS Security Fundamentals

Duration: 25 Hours

About this course:

        Specialized 25 Hours Course with an objective to offer detailed (subjective and responsive) information and training .The course starts with Introduction of IT Security Fundamentalsalong with in-depth knowledge of Information Security. Kindly note this course doesnot end with a specific Test or examination or vendor acquisition.The course content will be updated time and on as per the requirement and advancement in the field. The attendee will have a detailed orientation followed by Hands-on practical support using a number of Security software and technicalities. The content of the course is vendor-agnostic and stresses on specific key information in the field of security.

Target Audience:

                  This course is planned for fresh Graduates, who are looking for successful career in cyber security, IT professionals and who want to understand key IT security issues and how best to address them. The course will also be of benefit to IT systems analysts, designers and software developers. This course will be suitable for delegates interested in the Security Essentials.


                 No prerequisite is required to register for this programme.Having a sound knowledge of Microsoft windows OS (operating System) and a sound understanding to work with Linux would be an advantage.

Course Outline:

     »Introduction to Information Security :

          »Information Security fundamentals, Information Security models, IS standards, attack overviews.

     »Risk Management :

          »Risk management process, risk analysis, risk control.

     »Operating System Security :

          »Popular operating systems, OS hardening, vulnerabilities and the patch cycle, OS scanning.

     »Access Control :

          »Types of access control, physical access, controlling resource access, Microsoft Windows NTFS, Linux ext3/4, cloud security.

     »Encryption :

          »Introduction to cryptography, hashing, encrypting stored data, digital signatures, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), encrypting network data, Transport Layer            Security, virtual private networks.

     »Authentication :

          »Authentication mechanisms, good password strategies, Microsoft Windows Kerberos, attacking Windows authentication, Linux authentication mechanisms,           certificate-based authentication, biometric authentication.

     »Legal Compliance& Security Policies :

          »India legal regulations, the role of security policies, writing security policies, ensuring business continuity.

     »Application Security :

          »General guidelines for application security, securing web applications, securing mail applications, securing databases.

     »Malware :

          »Types of malware, malware detection, malware removal, Trojans, rootkits, botnets, Spam delivery.

     »Perimeter Security :

          »Network designs, mobile workers, firewalls, proxy servers.

     »Attacking TCP/IP :

          »Weaknesses in TCP/IP, securing network devices, IPSec, Network Intrusion Detection, SNORT.

     »Wireless Network Security :

          »Introduction to wireless networking, problems with WEP, WPA2, mobile IP.

Delivery method: Classroom / Attend from Anywhere

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