Ethical Hacking Basics

35 Hours Hours



Course Introduction :

Hacking being one of the most threats online needs systematic approach and technical expertise to manage, abort and restrict the access. This ethical hacking course is specifically emphasized to help achieve optimal information and security safeguarding –of course in a step by step articulated course curriculum. The attendee will be trained in five specific phase wherein he/she will graduate the skillset and knowledge at every phase. The aim of the course is to enable them to approach their target and achieve their goal each time. The Five level of graduating the course are Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks.

Underground Hacking Tools:


         All the hacking tools and techniques have been clearly defined, explained in each five phases in an encyclopedic approach, so the trainee is able to identify, comprehend when an attack has been used against your own targets.


         This course will equip your technical expertise and will act as a protection shield against all odd & vulnerableattacks. During the course, the five stages will graduate your understanding and help you understand the physiological hacker's mindset, evaluating not just logical, but physical security. The course will help you explore all possible point of entry to find the weakest scope or penetration point in an organization. From the end user, the secretary, the CEO, misconfigurations, vulnerable times during migrations even information left in the dumpster.

Target Audience :


This course is designed for Graduate Fresher’s who are looking for successful career in cyber security, IT professionals and who want to understand key IT security issues and how best to address them. The course will also be of benefit to IT systems analysts, designers and software developers.

Prerequisites :

There is no prerequisite to attend this programme and basic understanding of Microsoft Windows operating systems; and familiarity with Linux would be an advantage .

Course Outline :