Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst Programme

45 Hours Hours



Course Introduction :

How devastating are security breaches, attack, data theft and misuse of information and how crucial is to be trained to respond immediately to such security defenselessness and susceptibilities?


         The answer of course is an ABLE Security Operations Centre Analyst Programme, which has been designed to equip the professional to respond, revoke, rescind and restrict authoritative cyber intrusions. The trained professional will have the capacity and technical ability to improvise immediate security capabilities and enhance, leverage the training imparted to combat heavy-duty security attacks. The techniquesand practical expertise gained during the course not only prepares the mind immeasurablybut provides a strong foundation to contest any cyber security attack and build a multiplying cyber lifecycle network which will keep even advance attacks far away from your network.


        This course of “Security operations training to help you respond to security incidents and Increase your operational security capabilities, influence the security operations center’s (SOC) specialist training techniques used in open management and security information event management (SIEM) platforms. Understanding the techniques provides a foundation for assessing and managing cyber risk through effective security incident triage. This course provides security operations analysts the foundation training needed to address the cyber threat lifecycle, looking at common and advanced attack vectors, detection, reporting and collaboration and simulated attack.


In this course, you will learn

          » Security Management.

          » Incident Response

          » Security Education

          » Security Information Event Management

          » Vulnerability Management

          » Threat Detection

          » Simulated Attack

Target Audience :


 This course is designed for Graduate Fresher’s who are looking for successful career in cyber security, IT professionals and who want to understand key IT security issues and how best to address them.

Prerequisites :

 There are no specific prerequisites for this course, however, participants are expected to have a general understanding of cyber threats and risk management. The course is designed for individuals responsible for defending organizations from cyber-attacks.


          »Know the function and basic features of the components of a PC.

          »Use Windows Server to create and manage files and use basic administrative features (Explorer, Control Panel, Server Manager, and Management Consoles).

          »Operate the Linux OS using basic command-line tools.

          »Know basic network terminology and functions (such as OSI Model, Topology, and Ethernet, WI-Fi, switches, and routers).

          »Understand TCP/IP addressing, core protocols, and troubleshooting tool.

Course Outline :

SOC Introduction

Event life cycle in SIEM

Data sources and Log collection methods of SIEM

Incident Response Life Cycle

IoC and IoA


Cyber threat intelligence, Endpoint security & VAPT

SOC Compliance and Phishing Log analysis

Identifying and mitigating ransomware part-1

Identifying and mitigating ransomware part-2